Queen Crescent

by Queen Crescent

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He Who Walks Alone
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He Who Walks Alone Real heavy rock for people who enjoy such things. Some of the best shit I've ever heard. Keep doing your thing and thanks for the music.

10/10 Favorite track: Majic Moonjynuh.
DJL68 thumbnail
DJL68 The best all-female band I have ever heard, bar none. Sabbath meets Tull? Perhaps, but I hear even more- And love it!!!! Favorite track: Black Acid.
FDJ thumbnail
FDJ It's been a while since I've heard an all female rock band who don't wanna be some sort of female version of AC/DC.
Queen Crescent mix stoner/retro grooves with doomy occult themes and top it all of with some old school prog flourishes. Hard edged riffage combines with flute, synth, organ and even vibraphone and is backed up by a tight rhythm section of bass and drums.These ladies can sure play!
Highly recommend this. Favorite track: Culture Vulture.
paul rote
paul rote thumbnail
paul rote Flute laden progressive hard rock with doom overtones ! There's also some nice organ play ! Imagine early Budgie mixed with Ruphus Zuphall !! These 4 young ladies have just made the greatest all female album in history. ( Any disputes ? ) one of the best releases of this already great year. Favorite track: Black Acid.
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Album reviews:

"The awesome women comprising Queen Crescent effortlessly blend late ‘60s progressive rock with Indonesian, Turkish, Mexican and West African psychedelic rock of the ‘70s to create a sound that’s even more incredible than that short-lived time when Tony Iommi played guitar for Jethro Tull". -Michelle Solomon, "Resonance: Weekly Curator Picks", Pandora Radio

“Boogie and blood and moons and machines and flutes and freakery and gallop and GOD! Are you ready for the Queen of the Crescent Moon? We were born ready. Highest possible recommendation.” - Ryan Muldoon, Revolt of the Apes

“Queen Crescent are in a class of their own...The musical mysticism expressed on this album is more attuned to the true magical experience of psychedelics than the often overblown imagery of the stirring of cauldrons and the riding of broomsticks. “Culture Vulture”, (is) one of the best songs of this or any other year.” - Lucas Klaukien, You May Be Dead and Dreaming

"Queen Crescent plays a luxurious retro heavy rock in an elegant interweaving stylistic elements hard prog rock and proto-doom metal...Easily the best "retro-heavy-rock" album of winter-spring 2015" - Igor Gorely, Recyclable Sounds

“Not a song on the album feels underdone, and the care with which QC handle the music’s momentum does the group honors. A very fine first album, and one which fans of heavy psychedelic rock should not allow themselves to miss.” - Gabriel Pesek, Ride With the Devil

"Prepare for an earful of fuzz wicked enough to slay any doubts of rock’s demise, infused with melodious flute like honey on coal, driven by sledgehammer drums and a pounding bass in your face!" - Sam Scarpelli, Fog and Magic

“It’s heavy and melodic and (vocalists) vocals are haunting yet sweet and hypnotizing. While this album does dip heavily into progressive rock, it’s a trippy, heavy and doomy piece of magnificent rock. The band really knows how to write and record some great tunes.” - Bill Goodman, The Evil Engineer

Recorded by Tim Green at Louder Studios in September 2014 in Grass Valley, CA
Mixed by Tim Green and Queen Crescent
Mastered by Tim Green

All songs written and performed by Queen Crescent
Copyright 2014
All rights reserved


released March 12, 2015

Queen Crescent is:
Andrea Genevieve - vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synthesizer on "Black Acid"
Amy Martinez - drums, vibraphone on "Waking the Tigress"
Melissa Vu - vocals, flute
Eni Loicy Pela - bass, organ on "Culture Vulture"



all rights reserved


Queen Crescent Oakland, California

We are Queen Crescent.

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Track Name: In the Court of the Crescent Queen
Are you ready for the Queen of the Crescent Moon?
Are you ready for the Queen?
Track Name: Majic Moonjynuh
No enigmas
Stand transfigured
The Moon is high
and so am I

She will wash and feed your soul

Look deep into Her ancient eyes
It’s no surprise
You’re looking hard for something we all want: a special life

A story told now for millennia
A mortal’s tale
She laughs and says, “Child roll your dice.
You cannot fail”

We’re born alone
We die alone
A flash of brilliance in eternal darkness

Look deep into Her ancient eyes
You cannot hide
This life is short; it’s what you make of it
Let’s take a ride
Track Name: Culture Vulture
You’re a culture vulture
It’s not for you

Circling your prey from above
Greedy talons just can’t get enough
You’ve surrendered your humanity
And now you are wanting all of me

You want everything I am
Everything I am

The life you lead is such a joke
Unaware of your own mirrors and smoke
You have it all and yet still you take
I pray the day when your mind breaks
Track Name: Ancestors
When I was a young girl
The world opened before me
I felt so strong and I felt so free
Fierce little huntress in me

But when the colonizers came
And stole everything I have ever known
Who owns this life now?
Who can take it away?
Who owns this life now, today?

Ancestors, I know it’s true
They will burn
They will burn for you
Oh yes they will!

This is the season we are changing everything
You have no idea of the power that we bring
So take your hatred, take your lies, and take your fears
Queen Crescent’s taking back the last 500 years

Put it on the back burner
Turn it up a lil' higher
No attention towards me
Put it on the back burner
Turn it up a lil' higher
You don't even faze me
Track Name: Black Acid
Black Acid coming out of my mouth

Black Acid seeping into your mind
Spilling the lies that have tainted us

Get it out
Let it go

And now here I stand
Wringing my hands so tight
and all I can think is: I have nothing left to give
So please go away before I do something
That you will soon regret

Slow death for all the sinners
Slow death for all the liars

Black Acid coming out of my mouth
Spewing that blood that has poisoned us
Track Name: I Wish a Muthafucka Would
I can’t wait for you baby
I can’t wait for you anymore oh no
I’ve gotta move on now baby
‘Cause I’ve got so much to live for

The sun is setting on your friend
The sun is rising on up for me
The sun is rising
The sun is rising on up for me, oh yeah!
Ain’t nobody put you there baby
You choose just what you’re gonna be

Got no secrets for you to keep
‘Cause I know that you can’t get that deep

You hold on to your narrative so hard
You never let yourself look beyond

Wake up from your stupor sleep colonized nightmare
That they’ve conjured for you, can’t you see?